Impact tape on a golf club The centre of contact - Two of my most frequently asked questions are: “how can I hit the golf ball further?” or “why do all my shots go the same distance?” This fixation with extra length is understandable, but my usual response is the following caution: accuracy and consistency always trump length Let us look at what determines the distance... View Article
Prize Draw World of Golf London Prize Draw: Win the Driver of your choice - Thanks to our friends at American Golf, we have a fantastic summer prize draw, which gives you the chance to win a driver of your choice! To enter automatically, all you have to do is top up your range card between Thursday June 27 to Wednesday July 31st with £60 or more. Terms and Conditions:... View Article
highlights the importance of the mental side of golf The mental side of golf: What you say affects what you do - I guess we are all guilty of the odd expletive on the golf course. After all, this is probably the most frustrating past time ever invented. But we are also aware that sudden explosions of emotion and verbiage affect our play… and not in a positive way! Do we think that “getting that off our... View Article
Kids Golf Camps Free Summer Kids Golf Camps - We are running a series of FREE Kids Summer Golf Camps on weekdays, throughout July and August. What better way to keep the youngsters entertained over the school summer holidays! All sessions are run by PGA qualified golfing instructors, in our brand new, exclusive Kids’ Camp area. Relax in the knowledge that your kids are... View Article
PXG Fitting - World of Golf London PXG Fitting – June 12 - “A sweet spot the size of Texas”. Come along to our PXG Fitting session on June 12 and find out what the excitement is all about.
Play to the Back of the Green - This is a subject that I have touched on in the past. With the advent of the golf watch, it is now even easier to get this principle across. Essentially, it’s about how often amateur golfers playing into the green, end up short of the pin or even more often, short of the green. Now... View Article
The Tiger is back - Jon Woodroffe reflects on an incredible Masters….and an incredible comeback Where do you begin? I’m struggling to remember a better comeback story in sport. For me, it beats Mohammad Ali. Here we have Tiger Woods rising from personal scandals, through severe debilitating physical problems, leaping from 1,195 in the world rankings to take his 5th... View Article
Ben Hogan: one shot at a time Stay in the moment - By Jon Woodroffe, World of Golf London Master Professional Remember the old football manager’s cliché: “we are just going to play one game at a time”? This sentiment is just as valid in golf. How many times have you been near the end of a round and thought “all I need to do is finish... View Article
Get Up To 44% More Balls With a Range Card - >>CLICK HERE TO TOP UP YOUR RANGE CARD<< Range Card Usage Terms & Conditions:  Refunds of range card credit cannot be made under any circumstances. Range cards can only be used at the World of Golf centre where the card was originally purchased.   Range cards should be kept safe and it is the holders responsibility... View Article
Stop Flicking the Chips - By Jon Woodroffe – Master Professional, World of Golf London One of the most common errors in the short game is where people try to aid the flight of the ball by sliding the club under the ball. This is done by flicking the wrists and is wholly ineffective. In fact, it just makes things... View Article