This greed sticks in my craw

June 22, 2022 7:13 am

I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I am sure the LIV golf series hasn’t helped at all. I am sorry, but this is pure greed. Players who have earned, at a conservative estimate, over $100 million from the game say that they have chosen to go with the LIV Golf series to “secure their families future”. This begs a big question. What on earth have they been doing with the other fortune they have amassed?

The LIV tour

Football said no

When the idea of a football European Super League was mooted a while ago, fan uproar blamed absolute greed and stopped it in its tracks. But somehow, in our world, the obscene “boat loads of cash” situation, as Rory McIlroy described it, seems to have gained some credibility. For has-beens and no hopers this is a licence to print money, but what really sticks in my craw is that for many of those signing up for the tour are delivering a well-aimed boot to the family jewels of the very organisation that made them multi-millionaires: the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. What a great way to say thanks for a glittering, gold laden career.

How much do you need?

The source of the money is not my gripe, I am not politically driven, I just dislike that level of greed. Sure, people will say if someone offers you that much money it is hard to turn down, but if you are already wealthy beyond most people’s wildest dreams, shouldn’t loyalty and values count for more?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like to think that I am not a fuddy duddy. I am all for updating the game. For making it more accessible.  Allow me to observe that in 40 years I have introduced over 30,000 to the game of golf. Along with the forward-thinking owner and management at World of Golf we strive to make golf more affordable and relevant for today’s participants.

It’s not all bad. If there are any improvements that LIV golf can bring to the game, then great. For example, I like the shotgun start idea. TV coverage is then only five hours rather than twelve hours a day. I think the fans will engage more with that. But it still takes five hours to get round. All that has changed is they play 25% less – three rounds not four. And they get ten times the money for the pleasure. Great gig if you can get it!

Let fresh talent in

The one consolation with having these guys chucked out of the PGA Tour is that it frees up thirty odd spaces for some brilliant young talent that deserves a chance on the respective tours. I sincerely hope that the Ryder Cup committee never allow any of the LIV Golf Series players to play any part in their competitions in the future. This includes the Ryder Cup and the Olympics. These deserters are chasing the money so presumably are not interested in competitions where they don’t receive a penny anyway.

My medication is kicking in so I can now have a lie down. Thank you for reading my rant and see you on the range soon.

By Jon Woodroffe – Master Professional, World of Golf London

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