Reverse Pivot Drill

September 4, 2020 10:26 am

This is a personal one as I have suffered with this swing ailment: the reverse pivot. To cure it, I have used the drill I am going to show you and found it to be very helpful.

The reverse pivot is exactly as it sounds, pivoting well, but in the reverse direction to which you should be moving. Let me explain. During the backswing rotation, your bodyweight should shift slightly to your back foot. For right handers this is your right foot. This will cause your hips to move slightly to the right as well. The reverse pivot error is usually caused by bad posture or set up. What happens is that your hips turn to the left, instead of right, causing your weight to move more to the left or front foot, instead of the back foot. The upshot of this is usually a weight shift back towards the back foot on the downswing. The ball is then blasted way to the right.

Reverse pivot drillThe solution is to feel the correct hip turn and this drill does that. Put your right hip against a chair or table edge as in the picture. The chair must be heavy enough not to be moved too easily. Then make your golf swing rotation and ensure that your right hip is still touching the chair. If you move away from the chair that is the reverse pivot. If you push the chair away then you are swaying – also not good.

Continue to practice this and if possible, hit balls while doing it. You will soon really feel the correct movement.

For those of you who prefer video tips, you can see a much younger version of myself (8 years ago!), explaining the drill in front of camera, right here.

By Jon Woodroffe – World of Golf Master Professional 

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