Hit the South Pole of the ball

May 12, 2020 6:17 am

This month’s tip is unashamedly aimed at the beginners and is true for them whether they are on the golf course or on the golf range.

While you are starting this game there are so many things you are trying to think about. It really is like trying to rub your tummy, tap your head and play the harmonica at the same time. You are aware of the need to have a good grip, a gentle grip, your feet the right distance apart, your knees slightly flexed, your arms hanging loosely and of course, don’t forget to relax. Then, when you start the swing, you need a smooth low to the ground sweep away. Not too inside or too outside, not rolling the wrists or lifting the body, not restricting your wrist hinge or allowing your body to sway. Complete your shoulder turn and keep looking at the ball. Now about another dozen thoughts come into the mind about where the ball should be going. With all this going on in your head, it is so easy to forget that the main thing you must do, to hit a good golf shot, is hit the bottom of the golf ball. If you hit the top half of the golf ball, it will never lift off the ground, and that is obvious, but with all the other messages and thought buzzing around in your head, that most important and basic concept gets lost.

hit the bottom of the ballJust think about the golf ball as Earth. After all, it is a sphere. If you are on the range, you can make this feel real by placing the ball so that the lines running round it act like the equator. You then just think about hitting the South Pole of the golf ball. Or at least Antarctica. Trust me, it works. On many occasions where people are not succeeding in getting elevation on their golf ball, I have asked them to just think of hitting the South Pole of the ball. They then start hitting lovely shots. By taking their mind away from the process and concentrating on the end goal i.e. the ball flying into the air, it is amazing how good the shots become.

When you are starting this game, you are always likely to suffer paralysis by analysis. So, when you feel that things are not working, clear your mind, aim for the South Pole and you will be amazed how quickly your shots start to fly.

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