From the Spongy Grass by the Side of the Green

May 25, 2016 10:08 am

By Jon Woodroffe

At this time of the year the grass around the fringe of the green is growing like wild fire and the ball can settle down quite badly, leaving a very delicate shot. If you catch the ball too cleanly there is every chance of seeing the golf ball go zooming over the back of the green, but if you don’t get a solid enough connection the ball will stay in the fluffy grass leaving you looking a tad embarrassed.
The key points for success on this shot are firstly use a lofted club, sand wedge or lob wedge is preferred. You must have your weight very much on your front foot and your hands well ahead of the clubhead.

I would also recommend placing the ball way back in your stance, even off the back foot for this shot is a good idea, as in picture 1.

The swing is very different, you must try to not move your arms at all, instead just hinge the wrists so the backswing is very steep, as in picture 2.

Then just let the weight of the club drop on the back of the ball. This way you should make contact with the ball, not the fluffy grass surrounding the ball due to the steepness of the angle of attack, but as you have only made a very short swing the power will be limited allowing the ball to pop up into the air and land softly onto the green.

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