Spine Straight Posture

April 1, 2021 7:19 am

I am sorry to start this tip with a sexist statement, but by and large ladies are so much better at the golf posture than us men. They tend to stand straighter with their spine, whereas many of the men, particularly the taller breed, look a touch like Quasimodo when they are about to hit a golf ball. This error is not only going to ruin your golf shot, but also your back if you are not careful.

A rounded back makes it exceedingly difficult to turn your body correctly. The endeavour to do this can lead to some pain and problems with muscles. One of the most common causes of a golf ball slicing is hitting across the golf ball, like a tennis player does to play a drop shot. That will happen if you have not turned your shoulders fully on the backswing.

Try this drill

With this agreed, how do we ensure you have the best chance of making a full shoulder turn? Try this drill. Hold a long-shafted golf club like a 4 iron in your right hand vertically with the head of the club facing towards you and the grip at the top. Then put the shaft of the club down your spine behind you. Make sure the shaft of the club touches the back of your head and then with your left hand clasp the grip of the club against your coccyx. This will mean that there is a gap in the small of your back and at your neck. Other than that, you and the shaft of the golf club should be as one. Tip forwards from the hips slightly, then bend your knees a little.  See how that feels. It may be uncomfortable, but that is fine. You need to work on achieving that uncomfortable feeling every time you set up to play a golf shot.

Golf posture

By Jon Woodroffe РWorld of Golf London Master Professional 

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