May 4, 2021 8:29 am

A balanced golf swing requires focus both at address position and throughout the swing to the end. So let’s look at each section in turn.

Firstly, at address. You should endeavour to feel the weight balanced equally between both feet. The exception to this is the tee shot where a slight bias to your back foot is preferred. The weight must also be on the balls of the feet. One of the most common causes of topping the ball is where people bend their knees too much with the weight then pulled back onto their toes.

During the swing, again perfect balance is desirable. If you are out of balance, then check you are not swinging too fast or too far. Also, if you go badly off plane, this will cause balance loss. You are normally not aware of the balance loss until the end of the swing, but its origins lie earlier on.

balanced golf swing

I am a fan of the “end justifies means” theory. With balance, aim to hold your position at the end of the shot and enjoy the flight of the ball through the air. If you strive to be fully on the left foot with your weight and your right foot on the tip of it’s toe, then that will improve your swing at the ball.

By Jon Woodroffe: Master Professional, World of Golf London

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