Practice Pitching to a Small Target

December 10, 2014 6:16 pm

By Jon Woodroffe

If you get the chance to practice your approach shots to the green then I would recommend this drill as a great way to hone your skill and challenge your ability.


The idea of this exercise is to place 3 targets on the landing area you are using, and those targets should be of different dimensions, from the large hoop in the picture through the range ball bucket and finally to the golf ball.

Firstly aim for the hoop. Hit 10 balls at the hop and keep a score of how many times you get the ball to land inside the hoop. For each shot that successfully lands in the hoop you earn 2 points, and for each one you miss that is a point against.

Then move onto the range ball basket. Again hit 10 shots and this time for each ball that connects with the basket in any way you earn 10 points and for each miss you lose 1 point. Then finally go for the golf ball. This is the ultimate prize, so for any shots that land on that ball you earn 50 points and for each miss again you lose a point.

Practice this each time you are able to and see how your score will improve over time and thus when you are pitching onto a green, this exercise will make the target area you are looking to land the ball on seem huge, thus increasing your confidence immensely on this shot.

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