Keep a grip on your cash to avoid over-swing

August 7, 2017 7:38 am

By John Woodroffe – Master Professional, World of Golf London 

The dreaded over-swing fault is very common with golfers. Either they are trying to belt the ball too far, or just don’t realise how much swing they are making. This results in great inconsistency and in fact, a loss of power.

One of the things that then happens, as you see in the first picture. is that the golfer loses their grip of the golf club at the top of the back swing,

A simple tip that may help you keep control of your backswing is to place a coin in your left hand grip so that it is lodged between the heel pad of your left hand the butt end of the grip of the golf club. Then make your normal swing at the ball. If you keep your grip and thus control of the club throughout the swing, the cash will still be in your gloved hand at the end of the shot. If however you have gone for the extra few yards and let go of the left hand grip at the top, then the coin will have disappeared up the fairway.

So there you have it: you can avoid overs-winging the club, by simply keeping a grip on your cash!Keep a grip of your cash

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