The difference from Range to Course

January 22, 2016 9:00 am

By Jon Woodroffe.

One of the things that I have become very aware of over the years of coaching golfers is the difference between the swing they use on the golf range and the one they have on the golf course. There are of course many reasons for this, not least of all that on the range you have 100 goes at the shot rather than a one off do or die scenario that is the golf course situation.

I find the one part of the golf swing that changes the most on the golf course is the follow through. On the range there are no ramifications for failure, but on the course there are trees, water hazards etc that come into the equation. The fear of the shot gong wrong usually stops the player from smoothly completing their follow through and instead they tend to hit at the ball rather than swing the club through the ball.

So my tip is when you play next, be aware of not stopping your golf swing until you feel the club rest either on your shoulder or the base of your neck, that way you can determine that the club did not stop straight after impact, but actually continued through the ball, as a good tennis player swings their racket through the ball and a good football puts their foot through the ball.

The pictures here show the difference of a curtailed follow through compared to a full fluid finish, see which one you most resemble on the course next time you play.

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