Easy reminders for tricky lies

April 1, 2015 6:03 pm

By Jon Woodroffe

When the ball is not on level ground on the golf course you can see the golfer trying desperately to remember the adjustments they are supposed to make to allow for this, and not only is there confusion, but it will take ages, so here are a couple of fool proof, quick ways to remember what to do.


TIP-easy-reminders-for-tricky-lies-1 TIP-easy-reminders-for-tricky-lies-2
TIP-easy-reminders-for-tricky-lies-3 TIP-easy-reminders-for-tricky-lies-4

Ball below the feet

Imagine you were about to putt on a green with a slope like this, I think you would know to aim up the hill to allow for the slope, so why not do the same when playing a shot, aim up the hill to allow for the inevitable spin that will be put on the ball.

Ball Above the Feet

Ditto to the information above. This way you avoid thinking do I aim left or right and if you are left handed player is that left for me or a right hander, wow you can see where the confusion can come from.

Uphill Lie

Position the ball nearer the higher foot and get your shoulders and hips parallel to the hill. Also when going up the hill go down the numbers of the clubs to compensate for the impending loss of distance as the shot will go higher than normal.

Downhill Lie

Ditto the information above, except when you go down the hill go up the numbers of the clubs to compensate for the lower flight and extra distance the shot will go. Again, here you avoid left and right.

Theses shots are hard enough without filling your mind with confusion and doubt, hope it helps.


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