Serviced offices in New Malden, Beverley Way Serviced offices coming soon to World of Golf London - Serviced offices in New Malden Beautiful loft-style offices with all the expected services and plentiful parking, adjacent to the finest golf range in London, are available soon on flexible terms. Included in your contract: – Brand new, stylish, air-conditioned offices – Modern fittings and furnishings – Free wif-fi – Free national and local calls –... View Article
Range Card World of Golf London Top up your range card and enjoy 2 fantastic course deals - Here’s a fantastic offer that gives you the opportunity to play 2 fine courses at a super price, exclusive to World of Golf customers. Top up your range card with £100 before the end of May and receive your choice from two vouchers that let you play a round at The Addington, one of Golf... View Article
sloping green putt Miss on the Professional Side of the Hole - By John Woodroffe, World of Golf London Master Professional On a sloping green, you often see club golfers miss the hole on the low side. We call this the amateur side of the hole. This slightly derogatory term relates to the fact that missing on the low side of the hole, means the ball never had... View Article
A drill for good posture Posture at set up. Try this drill on the range. - By Jon Woodroofe – Master Professional, World of Golf London In my experience, it’s a fact that the ladies are nearly always brilliant at achieving a  good posture at set up. While the men, particularly the taller men, are often extremely bad at this. Indeed, watching some men set up, I sometimes feel they have taken... View Article
Christmas at World of Golf London Range hours during the festive season - Merry Christmas everyone. Here are the range hours over the festive season: Xmas Eve – 7am to 4.30pm Xmas Day – Closed Boxing Day – 8.30am to 5pm Dec 27 to Dec 30 – 7am to 10pm Dec 31 – 7am to 4pm Jan 1 – 10am to 4pm Back to normal from Jan 2
Duncan Woolger My Magic Moment in 2017 - Was it a shot they saw in a major tournament, a lesson they gave to one of their customers, when they teed off on a golf course they had always wanted to play at, or maybe they met one of their golfing heroes for the first time? World of Golf London teaching professional pick their... View Article
top of the backswing Laid off or Cross Lined at the top of the backswing - By Jon Woodroffe, Master Professional at World of Golf London These may be terms you have not heard in relation to the golf swing before. They refer to the direction that the shaft of your club is pointing when you reach the top of the backswing, in relation to the target that you are aiming... View Article
keep your head still Practice drills for keeping your head still - By John Woodroffe – Master Professional, World of Golf London  You will always hear from everyone willing to offer well chosen words of wisdom and advice, that it is imperative that you keep your head still. Every time you hit a bad shot, chances are it is because you moved your head. So here are... View Article
Pilates for golf Pilates exercises to improve your game - By guest blogger Linda Segerstam, founder and Director of The Intelligent Core  and teacher of pilates for golf Golf is a great sport for overall fitness. As we know, the golf swing is complex and getting it right requires a lot of skill and precision from our bodies. The weight of the club can tone up... View Article
Smash factor in golf It’s all about the SMASH! - By World of Golf London Master Professional, Ian Clark One of the biggest differences between the very best players and the weekend golfer, is the better player’s ability to hit the ball in the dead centre of the club face every time. And to do it with high club head speed. Club speed plus point... View Article